Our approach

We strive to manage each property as if it was our own, providing superior tenant management, aggressive leasing, low operating cost, and better-quality customer service.  

Our philosophy is to operate each property from an owner's perspective, with an acute awareness of the goals and needs of both owners and users. Under the direction of veteran executives, our property management professionals prevent problems rather than just solving them. This approach provides a strong foundation that helps maximize rental income and control expenditures while creating a sense of community and comfort for our residents and tenants.  Being a medium sized company allows us to offer an exceptionally tailored level of attention to both our clients and their properties. Therefore, we have been able to successfully bring the highest returns on our client's investments by providing top property management and leasing services.

Team Members

Amir Ben-Yohanan (MA), Managing Director. With over 20 years of executive experience in finance and accounting with Fortune 500 companies. Amir manages the day to day operations of West of Hudson Properties and oversees the Accounting, Maintenance, Marketing, and Leasing departments.

Scott Hoey, Business Manager. Responsible for financial analysis, banking relationships, and overall all aspects of due diligence.

Anastasia Galichanina, In-house Certified Public Accountant. Responsible for all tax returns and property matters.

Shara S. Bennett, Systems Administrator. Responsible for maintaining internal systems and educating staff on company enhancements.

Kristine Weismann, Financial Compliance Associate. Reviews accounting and financial transactions and ensures accuracy and completeness of the data as well as performs operational audits.


Nicholas Mesarick, ESQ. In-house Counsel. Specializing in all aspects of real estate law. Nicholas advises West of Hudson Properties and serves as the company's chief counsel and specializes in landlord-tenant matters.

Haley Newell, Paralegal to Attorney. Assisting with landlord-tenant matters.

Maitri Shah, Paralegal to Attorney. Assisting with subsidies, lease renewals and management.


Tiffiny Andino, Leasing Manager. Manages all of West of Hudson Properties Rentals and Advertisements. Manages all leasing agents on the field.  

Josephine Limpin & Maria Cordero, Leasing Agents. Responsible for showing units, screening tenants, and renting out all vacant units.


Tatiana Cardenas, Accounting Managers. Professional in accounting. Responsible for rent collections of West of Hudson Properties' primary tenant liaison's. Obtains revenue by processing invoices; resolving missed payments; updating financial reports; supervises staff. 

Jaslynn Lacayanga, Accountant/Lease Management. Due diligence for new acquisitions, tax preparation, and conducts internal audits

Yaimara Chavez, Accounts Payable.  Professional bookkeeping.  Responsible for payments and controls expenses by receiving, processing, and verifying invoices. 


Jocelyn Hernandez, Maintenance Manager.  Manages West of Hudson Properties' in-house maintenance staff.  

Michelle Newman & Paola Navas, Maintenance Coordinator. Coordinates between tenants, vendors, and maintenance personnel to ensure an efficient resolution to all maintenance issues.